General Medicine

Our pharma solution division is one of the most innovating distributors in terms of marketing in MENA region. We collaborate with multinational companies to bring their products in the market.


Improving the wellbeing of society is our passion. That's why we pride ourselves on representing major brands in dietary and sport supplements. We collaborate with world-class supplement brands to build ever stronger presence in the market.

Medical Devices

Our business focuses on innovation and scientific excellence to deliver most innovating medical devices to meet patients unmet needs. We are commited to deliver high-tech products which will create added value for our partners and patients.


We have a passion about athlete's health, that's why our team of world-class sport medicine specialists is making their greatest effort to deliver the most innovating products to ensure that you're at your best.


The current growth in new medical technologies is spurring the demand for APIs worldwide today especially with the increased importation of raw pharmaceutical ingredients from emergmiing markets. At millennium we will do our best to deliver cutting edge solutions as leading company in the MENA region.

Medical Coordination

At Millennium Pharma, our purpose is to improving patient experience, all enabled by enhanced access to most advanced healthcare system & Healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine & transforming care delivery.
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